S3 Bonus: Cadence to the Rhythm of Life

Kofi Amu Horne, who created the theme music for this season of Material Memory, started drumming before he was two. Join us for a special bonus episode where Kofi talks about drumming as a spiritual practice, how it connects him to his mother’s ancestors in Ghana, and the significance of the drum to the peoples of the African diaspora.

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Sources and References (in order of appearance)

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Behind the Mic

Sharon Burney

Sharon M. Burney

Show Host

Sharon M. Burney is a program officer with CLIR, where she supports the Recordings at Risk and Digitizing Hidden Special Collections grant programs. Sharon specializes in academic, cultural heritage, community, and institutional support systems, navigating administrative policy adherence with an interpersonal connection that promotes community building. Prior to joining CLIR, she spent 15 years providing program support to the University of Florida African American Studies Program, helping it to become a premiere degree program. She is also a widely respected poet and community organizer. She loves to embrace the infinite historical contributions of the African diaspora, and blends them with contemporary civil rights, activism, and social issues in her poetry. Her passion for public service, education, and humanity is exemplified in every aspect of her life, and when in rest mode you can find her enjoying the simple moments with her daughters and pets.

Kofi Amu Horne

Kofi Amu Horne


Kofi Amu Horne is an American-born West African traditionalist producer and percussionist located in Gainesville, Florida. He created the theme music for season three, which is based on a call used by Akan people in Ghana. Mr. Horne is a vital member of Hedzole dance tutor and Ajose Afrikan and studied under Papa C.K Gano, Agbedzidzi and other West African dance troupes. 

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