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Special Episodes

CLIR occasionally produces single podcast episodes outside of our regular seasons. We invite you to listen!

Crisis as Catalyst: Notes from DCDC 
Special Episode 1, June 10, 2021

 In this special episode, Material Memory is partnering with the UK-based DCDC conference to bring you three stories about the theme “crisis as a catalyst for change.” First, host Nicole Kang Ferraiolo interviews Angela Whitecross, who was capturing oral history testimonies of the UK National Health Service when COVID-19 broke out and found herself documenting the history she herself was living. In the second interview, Teresa Cisneros discusses her efforts to embed a practice of anti-racism and anti-ableism at the Wellcome Collection and her hopes of turning the logic of colonial administration against itself. Finally, Ferraiolo speaks with Henry Roberts, the youth activist who’s developing a climate action plan for the National Library of Scotland as Scotland gears up to host COP26, the UN’s climate summit. The episode closes with a brief conversation with Matthew Greenhall, one of the conference organizers, who reflects on common thread throughout these stories and how cultural organizations can turn moments of crisis into catalysts for change. 

future view
Keeping Cultural Memory Alive: What’s at Stake,
Inaugural Episode, November 11, 2019

What does it take to keep recorded memory alive for use by future generations? What are the threats to our cultural record, and what is at stake if it’s lost? In the first episode of CLIR’s podcast, Material Memory, we explore these issues with Charles Henry, president of the Council on Library and Information Resources. We discuss ways to address threats to cultural memory, such as climate change and the vulnerability of digital information, and how to create egalitarian access to shared knowledge.

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