Month: April 2022

S3 E3: Walking on Sacred Ground

As the inaugural university archivist at Morgan State University, Dr. Ida Jones has a unique window into Maryland’s largest HBCU. Morgan’s history is deeply entwined with the history of Black politics, activism, and media, particularly in Baltimore. In this episode, Ida provides a glimpse into the treasures housed in Morgan’s library (including the archives of…

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S3 Bonus: Cadence to the Rhythm of Life

Kofi Amu Horne, who created the theme music for this season of Material Memory, started drumming before he was two. Join us for a special bonus episode where Kofi talks about drumming as a spiritual practice, how it connects him to his mother’s ancestors in Ghana, and the significance of the drum to the peoples…

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S3 E2: There’s Magic in Creating Something from Nothing

Museums are for everyone, says librarian and curator Erika Witt. Join us for a conversation about Southern University at New Orleans’s African art collection, her transformative trip to Egypt, and how galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) can and must make themselves more inviting and accessible to visitors who are Black, Indigenous, and people of…

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