S2 E1: Does It Matter? Cultural Memory and the Climate Crisis

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity. It stands to disrupt every aspect of our lives, including our cultural heritage. But how much do records, buildings, artifacts, or even traditions matter in the face of extreme weather and massive human displacement? Join this season’s host, Nicole Kang Ferraiolo, as she speaks to all seven of this season’s guests about the risks climate change poses to our cultural memory and why we should care. We’ll also get a sneak peak at the topics covered this season and what’s to come in the episodes ahead.

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About this season’s guests

Note: The views expressed in the interview segments with Crystal Felima are hers and do not necessarily represent those of FEMA.

Sources and References

Sources for the narration:

Note: Sources marked by ** are initiatives and writings by the episode’s guests.

Further Reading: 

Anthropocene librarianship, Miskatonic University Press

Climate Change Syllabus, Project ARCC

Meet the Host

Nicole Ferraiolo

Nicole Kang Ferraiolo

Nicole Kang Ferraiolo is CLIR’s director of global strategic initiatives. She was previously a program officer for CLIR’s regranting and fellowship programs. Prior to that, Nicole worked at Columbia University where she oversaw several projects including an interdisciplinary research program on global governance that focused in turn on nuclear proliferation, pandemics, religious conflict, and climate change. She has worked in London as a radio news editor and in French Guiana, where she organized international exchanges for the Ministry of Education. She has an MA from Columbia University and an MSc from the London School of Economics, where she studied international history and disaster philanthropy. She received the Eric Hobsbawm Award for Best Dissertation for her work on relief efforts following the Hurricane of San Ciriaco in Puerto Rico, 1899. She grew up in Northern California and currently lives with her partner and two young kids in Takoma Park, Maryland.

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