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Battle for the Books is a competition to determine which of our season’s episodes garners the most downloads. It covers the six featured schools: Alcorn State University, Benedict College, Fisk University, Morgan State University, Tuskegee University, and Southern University of New Orleans.

The prize is a significant collection of books on Africana history, culture, and contemporary affairs, signed by their authors. In addition, the winner will receive an original piece of artwork by Yvonne Ferguson.

For each episode, downloads will be counted for two weeks, starting on the day of release and ending at midnight on the 14th day. Downloads are recorded by the podcast distribution service, using IAB podcast measurement certification, which filters out non-human downloads and duplicate traffic. We will look only at the downloads for the particular episode during the two-week period; downloads of other episodes during that time will not be counted.

The competition starts on Wednesday, April 6, with release of season episode 2, featuring Erika Witt, of Southern University at New Orleans. Season episode 1, which released March 23, is not part of the competition.

Season episodes will be released at two-week intervals, with the last episode being released on June 15. The competition will conclude by June 30, and the winner will be notified by July 1.

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